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Siobhan is a mentor on Trinity College’s International Growth Programme – sponsored by the British & Irish Chamber of Commerce and Bank of Ireland and is a team coach on the Trinity College Executive MBA.

IntegratedThinking was selected to provide a strategic programme for the Irish Software Association and ISA Software Skillnet called Scala CEO. As part of the programme we worked with CEOs and leadership teams of  indigenous technology companies, including startups,  SMEs and larger enterprises. We helped them to discover the key strategic benefits of applying a Product Management discipline across their organisation. The programme delivered a two day workshop for CEOs in technology companies and two separate “in-house” mentoring sessions with each company. This hands-on support helped these companies to apply tools and methodologies to adopt a strategic rather than tactical approach to product investment decisions. Check out the some of the client testimonials on our Case Studies link.

Sample Client Companies

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Emma Walsh, COO FoodCloud 

“Siobhan’s workshops have been incredibly valuable in informing our product roadmap and helping us to make business decisions on development internally. Siobhan also helped us to understand and develop clarity around our business case and value proposition. I would highly recommend Siobhan!” July 2o17

Avril Crowley, Head of Product Marketing and Management, Sage Technologies

“Working with Integrated Thinking has been hugely beneficial to us. We now have a best-in-class Product Management function in place and are well-positioned to drive future business growth by ensuring the customer is at the heart of every product decision we make.” May, 2015

Maire Hunt, Network Manager, ISA Software Skillnet

The feedback from companies on the ISA Scala CEO programme was excellent –  due mainly to Siobhan’s expertise and knowledge. The evidence of immediate business impacts on the companies involved validates the impact of such a programme and its importance to growing companies in the software sector. We have a dearth of experienced consultants and trainers in Product Management in Ireland who bring the combination of leadership of a product management function with best practice models that IntegratedThinking provides. IntegratedThinking has therefore filled a vital gap in support for software companies in Ireland.” April, 2015

Des O’Mahony, CEO Bookassist

“IntegratedThinking strongly informed our strategic discussions for growth going into 2015. The structure of the CEO focused course and the thinking behind it has very much helped me in my high-level discussions with investors. Highly recommended” April, 2015

John Murphy, CEO DeCare Systems Ireland

“Our sessions with IntegratedThinking have instilled our strong believe that if you understand your customers and your market then you can build products that sell themselves. The team here in DSI really enjoyed the inhouse product management sessions of Scala CEO and are continuing to apply the practices learned.” April, 2015

Grainne Barry, Director, Salaso

“Having worked with IntegratedThinking we now have a much stronger link between commercial strategy and product delivery. We have a clearer understanding of the key benefits that product management can bring to a startup organization”  April, 2015

Jim Cuddy – Business Development Consultant at CIRCA GROUP Europe Limited

“Siobhan is an acknowledged expert and leader in Product Management. She would be regarded as an evangelist for Product Management thinking in IT companies. I’m happy to recommend her as a highly effective consultant.” February 2015

Bill Walsh – CEO @ Aspire 

“Working with Siobhan enabled us to really understand the market we are addressing and the problems and needs of our customers – we learned to recognize the huge benefits that can be achieved from an “outside in” approach to product management. As a result, we have strengthened our value proposition by using customer discovery and validation techniques and applying practical tools that now enable us to manage our portfolio of projects. We are now confident that we can focus our resources on the key projects enabling us to scale our business. Siobhan embedded herself for 2 days a week in the organization, working alongside our existing Product Manager, CTO and Head of Services to mentor and support them on this journey. This was hugely beneficial, allowing her to immerse herself in our culture and help us to recognize not just where we needed to make change but to acknowledge the real strengths of our company. Our team now feel empowered to take the next steps on our journey with a clearer view of the benefits that a product management discipline can bring and armed with the tools necessary to make it effective at this stage of our growth.”  February 2014

Joe Hogan – CTO/Founder @ Openet

“As the founder and CTO of Openet I have seen several attempts at product management in the company over our first 8 years of operations but it was only when Siobhan joined that we started to make solid progress. Siobhan totally transformed Product Management at Openet and established it as a major function in the company, at a period in our history which was critical for us. We were expanding engineering from 50 people to 250 people, had major new business partnerships selling existing products, which were starting to bear fruit and we needed to be able to meet multi-year commitments to these partnerships in rolling predictable releases and also launch new products which were sufficiently feature rich to allow Openet to continue to expand its horizons. While this was happening, we were also transforming engineering from waterfall to agile development. With all this change organisationally, without Siobhan’s leadership of Product Management during this time, we would have certainly struggled. Siobhan’s clear vision on the role of Product Management within a software company, and her leadership style in building her team was well respected by both her team and at the leadership team at Openet. Other Irish and international software companies will hopefully not wait as long as we did to firmly establish Product Management and would benefit from her invaluable experience . I have no hesitation in recommending her.  October 23, 2013 

Edel Creely – Managing Director @ Trilogy Technologies and Chair of the Irish Software Association

“Siobhan’s contribution to the ISA Product Management Working Group was highly significant due to the depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise she carries in the area of Product Management. She provided a huge commitment to the group through her contributions to the development of the DIT Product Management Diploma, the launch of Product Camp Dublin, speaking at events and ultimately taking the position of Chair of the Working Group. Throughout my workings with Siobhan she has displayed an excellent range of Communication skills and has shown true Leadership ability and drive in her approach.”  August 19, 2013

Alan McDonald – Training and Development Manager @ Apple

“I have enormous respect for Siobhan, she’s a very motivating person to be around. She is an extremely smart, capable, confident and charismatic professional. She brings out the best in people and groups that work with her.” September 24, 2013, Alan worked indirectly for Siobhan at Openet

Shane O’Flynn – GVP Product and Solution Management @ Openet

“As VP of Product Management Siobhan played a key role in transforming Openet with respect to our attitude and approach to managing products. She worked tirelessly and successfully to promote the discipline across the whole organisation, and hand in hand with Engineering took the brave step of moving us from Waterfall to Agile design and development. She built a really solid base from which the group can further evolve as Openet continues to grow. She was a great loss to the team and I wish her every success with Integrated Thinking, her new endeavour.February 5, 2014

Michael O’Sullivan – GVP Engineering @ Openet

“During her time in Openet, Siobhan built up and transformed the product management function to an industry-based best practice organisation. She is very energetic, diligent and a strong leader. Excellent communication skills enable her to be highly effective both with customers and colleagues. I would have no hesitation recommending Siobhan. Top calibre.”  September 10, 2013

Paul Saunders – VP of Sales, EMEA @ Openet

“I have worked with Siobhan for 4 years in my capacity of VP of Sales EMEA and before that Global Alliances at Openet. She has always been a go-to person, willing to go the extra mile to support the needs of a demanding sales organisation. Siobhan has a great ability to balance a technical knowledge with a deep awareness and appreciation of the needs of both existing and prospect customers. Her ability to translate technical need to business relevance and vis versus has been evident throughout the time I worked alongside her. Siobhan’s natural ability to build relationships both internally and with the customer is also a key attribute enabling her to establish trust with the customer and secure the support of the wider internal team. Siobhan is a huge asset to any company looking for a highly experienced, competent technology professional.” September 10, 2013

Mark Perrem – Operations Director @ Telecom Asset Management

“Siobhan made a huge difference when she took over the engineering function at Eicon, improving standards, quality and structure. She also contributed her experience and energy to the overall management of the business unit, supporting its growth in size and responsibilities and its ultimate success. Siobhan is passionate, sets high standards and is an excellent leader and communicator. She combines a high technical competence with business understanding and excellent soft skills and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Siobhan to any organisation.” September 19, 2013, Mark managed Siobhan at Eicon Technology Ltd.