The Value2Growth Framework

Value Creation to Drive Revenue Growth

Driving revenue growth from products, services or solutions that your business creates requires a clear understanding of your value proposition and the adoption of an underlying framework that supports the tight interconnection between value creation and revenue growth.

IntegratedThinking’s Value2Growth Framework enables businesses to assess and address their capability gaps in relation to:

  1. Value2GrowthIdentifying and articulating specific market opportunities – understanding the problem or need that the business can address
  2. Assessing and prioritising target markets based on defined criteria
  3. Engaging with the market to validate a customer hypothesis – using qualitative and quantitative voice of the customer techniques
  4. Aligning leadership stakeholders around clear corporate objectives relative to a defined market opportunity
  5. Making informed decisions based on clear commercial and market data
  6. Prioritising projects based on potential return on investment
  7. Ensuring there is a clear product, solution or service strategy that aligns with corporate objectives and market demand
  8. Driving market differentiation through innovation, articulation of USPs, awareness of competitive landscape and understanding of strengths and weaknesses
How can IntegratedThinking Help?

IntegratedThinking provides mentoring and in-house workshops to help businesses to assess their capabilities against the Value2Growth model. With tailored workshops, templates and methodologies, to help businesses to:

  • Understand, articulate and assess market opportunity
  • Engage with the market – taking an “outside in” rather than “inside out” view
  • Articulate and then validate their business model with the market
  • Articulate the product strategy
  • Assess the competitive landscape
  • Ensure marketing collateral is available at the right level of detail
  • Prioritize resource investment – deliver clear and prioritised requirements to execution teams
  • Support the selling process
  • Manage P&L
  • Bring to life and end the life of products – at the right time!
  • Communicate and align across the organization

Assessing Current Value2Growth Capabilities – irrespective of your stage of growth, it makes sense to assess and address capability gaps that might impede revenue growth. The Value2Growth model helps teams to self-assess and to take steps to address any gaps.

Contact us for details of a half-day workshop aimed at the CEO and key leadership team stakeholders.  We help the team to understand the capability gaps that can impact execution against corporate objectives with specific focus on addressing the value gap. We support leadership team alignment around next steps that will support the creation of products, solutions and services aligned with market demand.

Creating your business value proposition – clearly understand and articulate the problem or need that your product or service addresses and articulate this in a value proposition

Contact us for details of our 3 day workshops to support you in creating your value proposition – applying business modelling, market assessment & market engagement tools (qualitative and quantitative VoTC analysis) and supporting market feedback analysis and assessment

Leadership team executive coaching and mentoring – ensure that you and your team get the necessary support to develop both professionally and personally.

 Contact us for details on how we can provide on-going C-level executive coaching & mentorship to guide you every step of the way.

Validating your business value proposition – how do you discover new customers and recognize whether you have a solution that addresses their core problem or need?

Contact us for details of our 1 day workshop on customer discovery and validation techniques that really work

Product Management Recruitment – how do you find the product management candidate that is best suited to your organization? Once you have found your ideal candidate it is important to ensure that they hit the ground running. Get your new recruit the support, coaching and mentoring they need from the start.

Contact us for in-house support of your product management recruitment process – we can provide tips, guidelines and interview questions. Use our executive coaching and in-house mentoring support for your product management recruit – allowing you to establish this function as quickly and effectively as possible

Contact IntegratedThinking for more details  for these and other services we can provide.

eiApproved consultant with Enterprise Ireland – grant funding available