Project Prioritisation


Successfully rank, characterise & manage projects.

Many companies suffer from the same problems – too many projects consuming too few resources. Nobody has the heart to kill any projects and there is little prioritization of one project over another. Often projects that could potentially generate revenue for the company are queued up behind projects with little chance of success.

In a scenario where too many projects pass the selection hurdle you end up in a situation where your company’s resources are stretched too thin and something has to suffer – typically quality or timeliness to market.

Leadership teams cannot make go-no-go decisions without the right level of detail – projects need to be ranked and characterised based on their strategic fit to the company, technical feasibility, market attractiveness, etc. This activity cannot take place without the right level of research.

How can IntegratedThinking Help?

Supporting organizations to create a discipline of portfolio management – how you characterize and prioritize projects and implement stage gating so that a minimum investment achieves the maximum return

Contact us for details of a 1 day workshop that offers supporting tools and methodologies that enable you to perform effective portfolio management

Supporting the creation of a strategic view of how resources are allocated – it is so important to be able to understand how your precious company resources are invested – particularly at a project or product level

Contact us for details of a 1 day workshop that presents mechanisms to enable you to articulate your investment decisions to the leadership team

Linking Portfolio Management to the Innovation process – portfolio management techniques can be used to help you manage the ideas generated through your innovation process

Contact us for details of a 1 day workshop to help you review and apply portfolio management techniques to your innovation process.

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