Aligning Requirements with Market Need

Customer Insight Workshops – Helping you to articulate your “internal” Value Proposition

ValuePropLots of companies talk about the importance of defining their “value proposition”. Often this value proposition is simply “external” messaging that is used to position the company and its products to the outside world. However, before creating an external value proposition it is very important that you can clearly articulate your internal value proposition. This internal value proposition is crucial to:

  • Support the creation of external market messaging
  • Support sales engagements and targeting of new customers
  • Help engineering to better understand the customer’s needs& wants so that they can create products that customers love

So what is an internal value proposition?

It is a detailed representation of:

  • The key problems/needs of a defined market segment for which you have a proposed solution
  • The main buyer personas for this target segment
  • The competitive landscape
  • Your solution architecture at a high level
  • The unique selling points for your solution
  • The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your solution

This representation of the value that your organization can deliver for a targeted market segment is hugely insightful for your Engineering, Sales & Marketing teams. It  can also inform your product vision and strategy.

How can IntegratedThinking Help?

Customer Insight Workshop

Contact us for details of a 3 day workshop, broken out over a series of 1/2 day workshops that directly supports and mentors the company in articulating their  “internal” value proposition.

Whether you are a startup or SME you should take the time to ensure that your can articulate your “internal” Value Proposition – a key part of this is having a deep understanding of the needs and problems of your target market.

IntegratedThinking can help through our Customer Insight workshops that will provide tools, templates & methodologies to support your teams to:

  • Clearly define your target market – customer problems/need analysis
  • Prioritize the most important problems or needs to address first – using portfolio management techniques
  • Define your solution
  • Implement a SWOT analysis of your solution
  • Validate your hypothesis with the market
  • Articulate a clear product strategy

“Working with Siobhan enabled us to really understand the market we are addressing and the problems and needs of our customers – we learned to recognize the huge benefits that can be achieved from an “outside in” approach to product management. As a result, we have strengthened our value proposition” Bill Walsh, CEO Aspire

“The programme strongly informed our strategic discussions for growth going into 2015. The structure of the course and the thinking behind it has very much helped me in my high-level discussions with investors. Highly recommended”  Des O’Mahony, CEO Bookassist

“Our sessions with  IntegratedThinking have instilled our strong believe that if you understand your customers and your market then you can build products that sell themselves. The team here in DSI really enjoyed the in-house product management sessions and are continuing to apply the practices learned.John Murphy, CEO DeCare Systems Ireland

“Having worked with IntegratedThinking we now have a much stronger link between commercial strategy and product delivery. We have a clearer understanding of the key benefits that product management can bring to a startup organization”  Grainne Barry, Director, Salaso

The Approach

We will provide an initial free consultation to ascertain your requirements. We will then provide a project proposal for review and approval that will articulate what needs to be done, how long it will take and how much it will cost.  In a busy environment, where the time of your key resources is precious, you need someone who has done this before and can drive the project to completion.

Please feel free to give me a call or contact me via email and I will be happy to discuss this further.

Contact: email for more details

Siobhan is the founder of IntegratedThinking and has over 20 years experience in the software industry. As Vice President of Product Management at Openet, Siobhan was responsible for the entire portfolio of Openet’s products. She was directly responsible for building a team to manage product strategic direction reflecting both external market needs and Openet’s corporate strategy. Siobhan has clearly demonstrated the ability and focus to drive and manage significant organizational change within a large, distributed software company and was key to the evolution of Product Management within Openet.
Siobhan chaired the Irish Software Association’s Product Management Working Group – established to promote the development of the product management discipline within the indigenous software industry in Ireland. She is also a founding member of the ISA Product Management Forum – a collaborative assembly of Product Management industry peers.
Siobhan’s proven technical expertise has allowed her to gain the respect of engineering teams across a number of companies and to bridge the gap between technical, commercial and marketing disciplines.

Since the establishment of her consultancy business in October 2013 Siobhan has been providing in-house mentoring to scaling companies.