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A proven track record in leading teams to deliver revenue growth through successful products, services and solutions

IntegratedThinking provides mentorship and coaching to C-level executives and key leadership stakeholders who want to drive revenue growth by understanding and taking advantage of a clear, articulated value proposition for the products, solutions or services they create. Using best practice to help businesses to validate their vision with a defined target market and align their objectives with strategic execution, ensures businesses achieve measurable success.

IntegratedThinking offers coaching, mentoring and workshop-based training in areas such as

  • Value2Growth
  • Establishing disciplines to drive product, solution or service success
  • Idea Generation/Innovation
  • Agile Product Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Structure

With over 20 years experience in the software sector, siobhan has  a proven track record in leading teams to deliver a portfolio of successful products. Through contacts developed over the years, IntegratedThinking works with industry veterans who can provide guidance to both start-up and scaling companies.

“Providing direct, in-house support to businesses through mentoring, coaching and training workshops has proved the best approach to help the “right” people in the organization to achieve the skills and best-practices that they need to succeed. Businesses who hire a key leadership stakeholder need to ensure that this person hits the ground running and has the support (both inside and outside the organisation) to succeed fast.” Siobhan Maughan, Founder IntegratedThinking